What to Eat While Golfing

3 Foods to Avoid for a Day on the Course

A few months ago we discussed the need to consume complex carbohydrates, protein, and water in preparation for a day on the golf course (Insert link), but on the flip side of that coin there are foods or drinks that you should avoid.

What to Eat While Golfing

3 – Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are an easy food to eat while cruising between holes, and because of this they are sold on many courses around the world. A single dog is more than your recommended amount for sodium for an entire day. Too much sodium can lead to dehydration, and in the hot sun, this is the last thing you want.

2 – Cereal or Donuts

Unfortunately, many common breakfast foods should not be eaten on the morning before a game. Foods like cereal may seem like a reasonable choice, but the simple carbohydrates and sugars found in most breakfast cereals only give you the energy for a couple holes. After this is depleted, you’ll experience a crash that can ruin the back nine.

1 – Coffee and Beer

Many of us utilize coffee or an energy drink in the morning to wake us up, but much like sugar, the caffeine will quickly wear off which will lead to a crash in energy, and it can also lead to a lose in fluids.
Beer is also a common beverage on the course, but it will drain both the energy and water in your body.
When in doubt, drink more water!

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