Improve Your Putt


A game of golf can be won or lost with a putt. The best drives in the world can’t make up for a few poor putts. On top of this, if you’ve suffered a couple mistakes, the chances are you’re in need of habits that would boost your putting consistency.

Improve Your Putt


3. Practice

You’ve heard it a thousand times. Practice makes perfect. While it might be a bit cliche, the truth of the statement remains, and there are no shortcuts around it. When it comes to putting, your body must rely on muscle memory. If you overthink your putt, you’ll likely choke. This is where you should relax and let the muscle memory you’ve developed through practice do the work.

2. Balance and Stance

We’ve talked about the benefits of yoga for your golf game in a past post (Insert link to Yoga blog post), and the importance of balance cannot be overemphasized. The lower half of your body should remain stable. Of course, avoid being rigid, but your lower back should remain stationary until after your swing.

1. Control your Nerves – RELAX!

If you’ve put in the time on the practice green, your body should already know what to do naturally. You’ve likely sank dozens of putts exactly like the one you would be attempting. All that’s left to do is allow your muscle memory to do the work. When you aren’t relaxed, you could over think the putt, and no amount of practice can overcome your nerves.

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