An Absurd History of Women’s Golf Wear

The clothes we wear affect how we perform doing so many activities. Golf dress is certainly no different and can help to change a good round into a great round, but where did it all begin?

The History of Women’s Golf Dress

Women’s golf wear dates back to the 19th century, with women wearing Victorian clothing of all things on the golf courses of Scotland, hardly designed to improve your game, we are sure you would agree!

Early 20th Century Golf Clothing

Edwardian clothing, although marginally better, did little to improve the player’s game and was featured in many satirical artworks by Charles Dana Gibson, focusing on a female player’s appearance rather than her golf.

Thomas Burberry

Thomas Burberry brought the first significant improvement to women’s golf wear with the advent of the one-piece golf dress. Fashion was now playing a role in women’s golf with female players now appearing on the cover of Vogue.

The 1950s to the modern-day

The one-piece golf dress continued to be popular with golf blouses, golf skirts and golf shoes all starting to feature. These styles are still popular today but are far more practical as well as looking great.

Modern sportswear giants offer comfortable and robust golf attire that is perfect for today’s game. It offers flexibility whilst looking incredible. It really is designed to improve your game rather than simply protecting a woman’s modesty!

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