Balance Basics for Golfers

Balance Basics for Golfers

Do you want to know the key to a good, consistent golf swing?


Avoiding falling over is a prerequisite to consistency. Hopefully you can tell if you fall over. Can you tell if you are balanced when you swing a golf club? Here’s how… and how to improve your balance.

Balance Basics for Golfers

Full Swing Balance

Close your eyes. What happens? You rely on your other senses. In golf, that means touch and hearing. Mostly touch.
Try this: Set up normally. Except with your eyes closed.

Is your weight more toward your toes? Or your heels? Ideally, for a full-swing shot, distribute your weight equally. In most sports, it makes sense to favor the balls of your feet. That’s the ready position. Ready for what though? In golf, you’re initiating the action, not reacting. Favoring the balls of your feet will cause you to make adjustments to counterbalance the uneven weight distribution. This will wreak havoc on the consistency of your swing!

What about left to right? There are many different approaches to figuring out where your weight should be at any given time. One thing to remember though. Too much weight toward one side or the other will create an equal, and opposite, effect when you swing the club. Don’t over-do it! Distribute your weight so you can transfer it easily and smoothly as you swing.

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