At some point or another, we’ve all experienced one of fashion’s greatest struggles: it looks fabulous but feels terrible. Your new pair of shoes may look great, but by the end of a long day, your feet are swollen with new blisters and cramps. The same can be said for your golf-wear.

Looking Fine!

Frankie Goes to HollyGolf offers many vibrant colors and styles including Mao Collars, Polo Collars, and a convenient back pocket and tee strap. The matching visor and tote bag will complete the ensemble, eliminating the need to stress about coordinating your accessories. You’ll even be able to proudly represent your country with flags embroidered on the visor and dress.

Feeling Even Better!

While these are very important things to consider when shopping for your golf wardrobe, the scorecard likely remains your top priority. Keeping your strokes down means being comfortable in clothes that allow for a full range of smooth motion.

The entire collection of dresses at Frankie Goes to HollyGolf is made from soft, 100% pure cotton, which gently glides across your skin, never scratching or irritating. The open style of a dress will keep you cool when others are sweating through their khakis.

Finally, our high fashion collection gives you the opportunity to walk straight off the course and back into your life. No need to make that extra stop at home to change your clothes. The dresses at Frankie Goes to HollyGold look great on and off the course.

Look the Part with Frankie Goes To Hollygolf!

Frankie Goes to Hollygolf is on the cutting edge of women’s golf fashion, proving that a woman can look and swing good at the same time. Check out our online store to browse the many colors and styles. There is certainly one to catch your eye.