If you look at the history of women’s golf fashion, the scene has been dominated by collared polo shirts tucked neatly into knee-length khaki shorts. While this is a timeless look for a day on the course, dresses are a new and emerging trend that will change the way to golf, and here’s why.


Whether you’re on the golf course or not, dresses have always been the cooler alternative. Cooler as in fashionable, of course, but also for your body temperature. With better air flow, those hot days will feel much cooler, allowing you to retain energy for the day.

Range of Motion

Dresses are at the top of the chain when it comes to range of motion, leaving shorts and pants with uncomfortable belts in the dust. Without this sort of restriction at the waistline, your golf swing becomes an organic movement, free to move in its most natural way.

Fashion Trendsetter

Finally, you’re sure to turn heads on the course with your new dresses. If you look around the course, you’ll probably find that most of the other women are sporting the classic polo and khaki shorts outfit, but your new dress will certainly stand out among the crowd.
Whether you are looking to stay cool, free your body for your swing, or make a bold fashion statement, a simple, yet chic golf dress will do the trick.

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