Fashion, Style, and Your Golf Game

Fashion and style are not the same thing.

Are they even compatible?

Not really, according to Yves St. Laurent: “fashions fade, style is eternal.”

So, do you want to be fashionable?

Fashion is simple: look at what everyone else is doing, and do that. It consists of fads and trends, and therefore has an expiration date.

Fashion can be exhausting. The industry has gone from four seasons to seasons within seasons! Keeping up has become a full-time concern. It’s also likely to drain your bank account.

Wait. Golf is a sport, right?

To play, you need to be comfortable. You need to be able to move freely. The fashion industry is built around change, not around comfort or movement. Bet on this: the latest fashion trend will do your golf game no favors.

What’s the alternative? Style.

So style’s the way forward. Great! How does one “style”? It’s simple. But not easy.

Style is unique. It’s personal. It comes from who you are.

Who are you? Is fashion important to you, or do you prefer a timeless look? What colors do you like? Do you care more about comfort or fashion? For golfwear, you might want to go for comfort over fashion. However, you’ve probably also noticed that most clothes designed for golf are rather dowdy.

Consider Frankie Goes to Hollygolf golfwear. Comfort? Check. Freedom to move? Check.

Dowdy? NOPE.

Impose your style on your game with Frankie Goes to Hollygolf!

Classic, yet contemporary. Stylish, yet sturdy and comfortable. These aren’t contradictions in terms with Frankie Goes to Hollygolf golfwear.

Do you want to look like everyone else… or do you want to look and feel great?

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