Get Your Golf Swing In Sync

Get Your Golf Swing In Sync

Do you ever feel like you’re doing everything right, but the ball has a mind of its own?

Maybe your arms are moving independently of your body. In other words, your swing isn’t in sync. The problem seems complicated—there are literally a lot of moving parts—but it isn’t. You can get in sync with a simple drill.

Get Your Golf Swing In Sync

Here’s the drill:

All you need is a range bucket of golf balls. If you’re doing this at home, it doesn’t have to be golf balls. You can a pail of water or anything with some weight to it.

Get into your address posture with the bucket of balls held between your hands. You’ll notice right away that to move the bucket, you need to engage your core in a way you’re probably not used to when golfing.

Now move the bucket from side to side. You’ll notice how in sync your arms are with the rotation of your body. Remember this feeling. Use it. This is what it feels like to be properly in sync.

When you rotate your body, make sure you keep your arms in front of your body. Your arms don’t need to swing back as far as most golfers think.

That’s it! Now apply that synchronization you felt to your golf swing.

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