Golf Myths

Chances are, some of what you think you know about golf is false. Many wrong ideas are making the rounds, spread by people who don’t even play golf.

Let’s set the record straight.

Golf is too hard

Imagine a game where a large cookie is on your phone’s screen. It isn’t moving.You click it, you get a point. There is no time limit. The more you click, the more points you get.

Is that what you want?

Anything worth doing is challenging.


I shouldn’t be on the course until I’m good enough

This is an easy myth to bust. You think everyone out there is LPGA-level? Only at LPGA tournaments.

Try this: rest at one hole for a while. Watch the players go by. Do they play like pros? Do they look like They’re having fun?

Hint: the answers are no, and yes.


Golf is Expensive

You’ll need equipment. Sure. You don’t need to buy everything all at once. You don’t even need full set of clubs to get started.

Lessons? Save money by joining group lessons.

Want to play? Many golf courses offer special rates.


I Hate Collared Shirts and Khakis!

News flash: golfers are not required to wear uniforms. Sure, most golf courses have dress codes, but that doesn’t mean you have to dress like a preppy dork.


Everyone is looking at me!

Are they?

If they are, they’re either noticing some aspect of your game they’d like to copy, or admiring your smashing outfit.


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