How does today’s LPGA stack up against the greats of the past?

Whether your game is on par with the greats, or you’re just starting your golf journey, you enjoy seeing the game played at its highest level, right?

Watch any golf tournament today. It’s stacked with talented, skilled, accomplished players. How would greats of the past like Nancy Lopez or Babe Dickricksen Zakarias fare against, say, Ko-Jin Young?

Who’s the GOAT?

The Greatest of All Time. Maybe it’s an unfair question, but it’s one everyone enjoys asking.

Can we really compare? The LPGA has gained depth and competitiveness with every new generation of pros. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the greats of the past wouldn’t have dominated today’s game.

After all, Babe Didricksen-Zakarias won gold medals in track and field in addition to winning golf tournaments. She was clearly a once-in-a-generation talent, and would benefit from modern training and knowledge. However, the competition is also tougher.

One golfer stands out, straddling the present and past: Annika Sorenstam. Sorenstam’s unique in that her wins stack up against the greats of the past. She had 93 tournament wins, was the money leader eight times, scoring leader six times, and Player of the Year eight times.

We know how she would fare in the modern game: She retired in 2008. She won all that against a field crowded with talent. She retired before age 40! Arguably, she could have won even more.

Do you agree? If not, who would you pick as the GOAT?

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