Increase Driving Distance for Women

How To Blast Your Drives Farther

Do you want to blast the ball further off the tee? Who doesn’t?

Don’t worry if you’re not as strong as a gorilla. Women in particular can dramatically improve their drives by focusing on the fundamentals.

Increase Driving Distance for Women

Key Elements of Your Swing

To hit the ball farther, you need to work on:

  • Your setup
  • Your backswing
  • Your release on the downswing
  • Your finish

The Setup

  • Keep your chin up! Don’t pin your chin to your chest.
  • Let your arms hang down. No tension. Keep your shoulders over toes.
  • Bend from the hip joints, not the waist. This gives you good angles in your hip crease and knees.
  • Put more of your weight on the balls of my feet than the heels.
  • Focus 100 percent on a single spot, a specific target out in the fairway.

The Backswing

  • Keep your left arm connected to your chest.
  • Make a full shoulder turn, so your chest is facing opposite the fairway.
  • Keep your hip and knee crease intact
  • Sit onto your back hip
  • Feel pressure on the inside of your back thigh
  • Grip the ground with your feet. This is your power source!

The Release

  • A good release is the result of doing everything else right
  • Pressure point moves toward the front toe.
  • Keep your shoulder plane intact. At hip height, release the L. Hard.
  • Your right arm crosses over your left

The Finish

  • A good, aggressive finish gives your club head blazing speed.
  • Keep your sternum square to the ball, unwind your hips forcefully.
  • Pressure point moves to outside front heel

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