Smoothing Out Rough Golf Lies

How To Smooth Out Rough Golf Lies

You want your tee shot to land on the fairway. Everyone does. Yet nobody lands the ball in the fairway every time.

If you watch the pros, you’ll see how well they recover and get back in the short grass. The secret is learning to read how a golf ball has come to rest in the rough, and making adjustments based on your read.


Smoothing Out Rough Golf Lies

First, you need to figure out if the lie will allow you to use your normal setup and swing, or if you must adjust.

Next, consider how your adjustments will affect the flight of the ball. Will they:

  • Come out faster or slower than normal?
  • Fly higher or lower?
  • Spin more or less?
  • Affect the direction and/or how the shot curves?

Answering these key questions well will help you select the right club, type of shot, and target.

Chipping out of Deep Rough

With some practice, any golfer can chip accurately from good lies. What about when your ball is buried in deep rough? Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged. Your self-doubt will undermine your game.

Avoid hitting behind the ball, you’ll cause it to land short. You may not even reach the green.

Don’t hit it too hard, either. You could blast it right over the green.

Choose a deep-lofted club, a pitching wedge, a gap wedge, or sand wedge.

One more thing: grip further down on the club for better control.

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