Keeping your Head Down

At any level, the one piece of advice you are sure to hear on a regular basis is “keep your head down.”  From beginner to expert it seems that this one piece of technique can save your swing. Here’s the basic theory behind the advice.


Keeping your head down aligns your body, from your hips to your shoulder, and when this happens your swing stays straight and level.  In many cases, whether you’re an amateur or an advanced player, the excitement gets to us. We are eager to see where the ball is going, and it is in that crucial point of impact that we lift our heads, thereby lifting our shoulders as well.  

When we lift our shoulders, this pulls our swing out of alignment.  Sometimes the ball will then fly either left or right, but in many cases we top the ball, causing the ball to embarrassingly skip only a few feet away. If you’d like to learn more, check out this article from Golf Distillery.


Keeping your head down is classic advice, but without a pro-trainer by your side, you might be wondering exactly how this looks.  Obviously, a golfer has to raiser their head eventually, but the rule is to swing naturally.

In a slow-motion practice swing, train your eyes on the ball and pull the club back normally.  When the club is descending continue to keep your eye on the ball through contact and until your swing is about 45 degrees past the point of contact.  Avoid keeping your head down so long that the upper half of your body scrunches up, as your arms cannot fully extend for a proper follow-through.

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