Muscle memory in golf—is it a thing?

Specifically, is it a thing in golf?

It’s controversial. A lot of golf pros insist it is, but does the science back it up?

What IS muscle memory?

The first thing to know is that “muscle memory” is an unscientific term for the learning and retaining of motor skills. So, for our purposes: yes, it’s a thing.

Now here’s where it gets controversial: to golf pros, “muscle memory” means practicing a movement so many times it becomes automatic. There’s something to that.

However, many golf pros insist that going to the driving range and banging balls into oblivion is the best way to practice your drive. But is it?

How does it work for golf?

What’s golf about: hitting a ball, or hitting a target with the ball? The driving range is about hitting the ball, not hitting a target with it.

To practice better:

First, get the basics of your swing right by practicing the movement, in slow motion, correcting any errors, until you don’t need to think about it. Get help.

Next, focus on WHERE you are hitting the ball, not how. When you golf, aim. Do this on the course—by playing—or at the driving range.

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