The first part of your swing

Do you want to improve your game? Don’t focus on what you *think* you are doing wrong. Focus on what you should be doing right, why you should be doing it, and the result you can expect.

Tournament golfers know that if your swing is absolutely correct, it will function well no matter what. Whether you’re playing on weekends with your girlfriends, or playing in an LPGA tournament, if your swing is sound, results will follow. The first thing you need to do is focus on the first part of your swing.

The Waggle

Just as one faulty movement leads to another, one correct movement leads to another. If you address the ball correctly, you’ll activate the correct muscles throughout your body. Coordinated movement will flow.

The bridge between the address and the start of the backswing—the ‘waggle’—is an important part of your swing. As you waggle the club, visualize the shot and adjust the club head so that its face is square with the line of your intended shot. Your shoulders should not turn. Your feet should make only small adjustments.

On the actual shot, your shoulders WILL turn. The actual swing is an extension of the waggle. On the backswing, the correct order of movement is: hands, arms, shoulders, hips.

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