The second part of the swing

The second part of your swing

Every golfer knows, there’s nothing quite like the feeling you get when your swing meets the ball flush and correctly. Even a world-class professional can’t hit sweetly and perfectly every shot. Golf is at its core a game of misses.

So what can you do? Build a swing so strong and consistent that your misses end up being pretty good shots in their own right.

The second part of the swing

The Downswing

A good setup, as described in our previous post, leads to a good swing. To start your swing, turn your hips to the left. The shoulders, arms and hands—in that order—then release their power. Let the speed build and carry all the way through to the finish of your follow-through.

The key to this swing is the angle of the plane of your backswing. This plane follows the imaginary line running from the ball to the top of your shoulders and upward. Do not drop below this plane. Do not lift above the plane. If your left arm is extended at the same angle as this correct plane, then you’re ready for your downswing.

On the downswing, you will be on a different, less steeply inclined plane. This happens when you turn your hips. DO NOT think about this. Let it flow. You’ll feel like you’re still on the same plane as your backswing.

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