Top 10 golf tips for beginners

Top 10 Golf Tips for Beginners

New to golf? Feeling overwhelmed?

Relax. Even the most accomplished golfers have all been where you are now: a beginner. It can be frustrating, sure. But imagine how you’ll feel when your game starts to come together.

And your game will come together, if you practice playing the right way.

Tips to speed your progress

1. Swing at less than full strength

Golf is not about brute force. Relax, and get the technique right.


2. Expect more break.

If you’re going to miss, miss on the high side. Your chances are better than if you miss low.


3. Focus on getting the details right.

Golf is a game of technique. Work on precision.


4. Don’t try to make a highlight reel.

Don’t take brave shots. Instead pick targets with a generous margin of error.


5. Practice your short game the most.

Your short game will improve faster than your full swing, and improve your score more.


6. Get good gear.

Get clubs suited to your swing, and not too many. You can add specialized gear later.


7. Play the forward tees.

Learning is hard enough. Don’t make it harder on purpose.


8. Take lessons from a pro.

A pro can do what no tip, article or video can: see what YOU do.


9. Be nice to yourself.

Don’t beat yourself up if you make mistakes.


10. Set achievable goals.

Base your goals on YOUR game as it is NOW. Start where you are.


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