What’s Your Favorite Color?

Do you have a favorite color? You probably do…

Does it make you look your best? Maybe. Maybe not. There’s a method to picking colors: they work in combination. There’s no best colors, just best for you.

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How do you pick colors to make you look your best?

No doubt you’re pretty aware of your skin tone. What about the undertone?

Color has a temperature: warm, cool or neutral. Blue is cool, orange is warm. That should give you a general idea about color temperature. However, even warm colors—red for example—can have a whiff of cool or neutral. That’s the undertone.

Human skin is always a warm color. So your skin can be flat out warm, cool-ish, or neutral. How do you tell? There are two ways to test it.

Look at the palm side of your forearm. What color are your veins near your wrist? If they are green-looking, you have warm undertones. If they look blue, you have cool undertones.

Another way to figure it out is jewelry. Colors interact, they make each other look good or bad. What happens when you put on gold jewelry? Does it look better or worse than silver? If the gold looks best, you have warm undertones.

But what color do you choose?

Cool-toned women will look better in blues, greens and purples.

Warm-toned women will look better in reds, oranges, yellows, and yellowish greens.

Pick a color that compliments your skin tones.

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