Professional Women Play Golf

Women in Business Should Play Golf

Do you want to crack the glass ceiling? Use a golf club. If you aren’t on the golf course with your colleagues, you’re locking yourself out of an informal network. You’re not there when decisions and deals are being made. In other words, if you’re not in the game, you’re not in the game.

Professional Women Play Golf

Why aren’t there more women on the golf course with their colleagues?

Sometimes, women are deliberately excluded. Virginia Rommetty was one of Time Magazine’s 200 most influential people of 2012 after she became CEO of IBM in October 2011. IBM is one of three sponsors of the Masters. The Masters is the jewel in the crown of Augusta National. Its prestige makes Augusta the ultimate club for CEOs. Yet they denied her membership.

Usually, however, women aren’t excluded, they just don’t feel welcome. Women typically feel intimidated and fear embarrassment at the idea of joining company golf outings. This is good news. It means the ambitious executive who’s willing to step out of her comfort zone can crack the old boys’ network.

Assumptions women have about business golf do not reflect the reality. Do you think most of the men who play in corporate outings are good golfers? Nope. Do you think they don’t want to play golf with women? For the most part, nope.

So lean in, and do the thing you think you cannot do. Put yourself out there.

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