FGTHG Golf News I Asian Women are so good at golf


Asian women differentiate themselves, is by putting in more effort in perfecting their swing and games and having incredibly reliable swing that hold up under pressure. But that still does not suffice for an answer as to why Asian women dominate, because Asian men should & would do the same, and then lack of success on the PGA tour suggest otherwise.

Asian women are the most “Precise” golfers in the world. Length is comparatively less important on the women’s tour than men’s. Precision matters more in women’s golf than raw power, and that is where Asian women differentiate themselves.

Asian are known for having intense work ethics, and because golf may requires a phenomenal amount of practice to achieve relative perfection. Their culture promote a certain level of excellence within women golf. Furthermore, many Asian families make significant monetary investment in their daughters. One intangible that is helping is the Asian culture, pursuit of perfection. This is imbibed from a young age to be perfectionist. Being a successful golfer requires immense mental strength as well as a capacity for practice. Both of these are addressed by this facet of Asian culture.

Asians women, especially those still living in Asia, are strongly influenced by their parents, when it come to career choices due to the nature of Asian upbringing that teach children to respect their elders above all.

Asian golf is a woman’s world. Furthermore a lot of it has to do with junior golf programs for girl that they have in Asian countries in the world that others do not have. They excel naturally at things that requires manual dexterity and mental cultivation, they are the result of continued hard work. While strength can be an asset in golf, the attributes that successfully golfers really need, to hone are touch and consistency, both of which are developed over a long period of time. To get better at  anything one needs to practice with a purpose and constantly look to learn from practice. That takes focus and ability to learn from experience.

Asian culture stresses constant repetition in pursuit of perfection and performance. It may be that Asians women are better at practicing and do it more because of their ability to learn from the experience and not consider it bring work. Not only they play golf but they live golf, which is not a social experience, it takes isolated focus and intensity.

Where American and European women golfers chatting on the range, Asians women golfers focused on getting better.